Dudson Museum update April 2021

Although the Museum is currently closed due to covid-19 and the current lockdown, the Dudson Museum has been lucky enough to receive emergency funding from the Culture Recovery fund, the initial funding takes us to the end of March 2021.  This fund has enabled us to work behind the scenes and prepare the Museum to open later in the year when restrictions are lifted.  The funding has secured staff posts who have been working from home preparing events and activities for visitors to the Museum.   It has also allowed us to enhance our publicity materials with the production of a video and photographs.

We are really pleased to announce that a further 3 months funding has been received from the Culture Recovery fund.  This now takes us to the end of June 2021; It will allow us to do more preparation and open shortly.

Funding has also been received from the Community Foundation which has been used to fund the marketing of the Museum, the website has been redesigned and a virtual tour of the Museum is now available to view on the website.

Mrs Potts has become an important character within the Museum and is busy preparing herself to welcome visitors and educate people, young and old on the history of the ceramic industry and how bottle kilns were used in the making of the pottery.  She has many activities to suit all age groups.


We are currently working very hard to plan and prepare events.  We will be holding some local events for young children, including inviting schools and school clubs along to participate in activities as well as becoming involved in National events across the country.  There will also be an opening day to welcome everyone back to the Dudson Centre and the Museum.

Please contact us for more information.


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