Welcome to the Dudson Museum - a place where history, craftsmanship, and heritage come to life! Nestled within the walls of an enchanting Grade II listed bottle oven, our museum is a celebration of the iconic Dudson brand. Stepping through the oven door, you embark on a journey that takes you back in time, delving into the captivating story of a family business that left an indelible mark on the world of ceramic tableware.


About the Dudson Museum

Welcome to the Dudson Museum, where the captivating history of Dudson’s production intertwines with a fascinating industrial narrative of both local and national significance. As one of the few remaining pottery museums solely dedicated to the heritage of a single company, Dudson stands as a pinnacle of importance.

Delve into our diverse and expansive collection of Dudson pottery, spanning three centuries, elegantly showcased across two floors.

Immerse yourself in a journey through time, exploring exhibits that range from exquisite Staffordshire figures to elegant Jasperware and hotel-ware. Discover the artistry and craftsmanship that has left an lasting mark on the world of pottery. Step inside the realm of Dudson and experience the legacy of it’s rich heritage.

Don’t forget, we’re open on the first Saturday of every month!


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